Prospective parents in the UK who are struggling financially and cannot afford In Vitro Fertilization, will soon have the ability to win a chance for free treatments. The new gambling lottery is controversial, but will begin on July 30th.

To Hatch, a charity devoted to helping people who are having trouble conceiving children, has been authorized to operate the IVF lottery. People will be allowed to purchase lottery tickets were $20, with a chance to win the grand prize of $25,000 in IVF fertlity treatments. While many believe this is a new lease on life for those wanting children, others are opposed.

“We have the greatest sympathy for those who have difficulty in conceiving,” said Josephine Quintavalle, member of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, to Sky News Online. “…But this latest initiative, turning the process of reproduction into a buy-your-ticket lottery, is absolutely unacceptable and quite possibly breaks European Law on the commercialization of human tissue.”

The lottery is not only available to married couples. Single and gay people are also welcome to buy tickets to the lottery. The lottery is the first of its kind regarding IVF, and it could become a groundbreaking way for charities to raise money and help public awareness of their cause.

Quintavalle went further in questioning whether the lottery is actually legal.

“It is surely not legal to pay $20 to have access to another woman’s womb? The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority should be questioned immediately as to their position on this latest trivialization of human reproduction and it is to be hoped that questions will be raised immediately in Parliament.”

Single men and women will be compensated if they do not have a partner to go through the process with. A single male winner will receive a surrogate mother, while a single female would receive a sperm donor. To ensure the winner has a child, the charity is even offering a surrogate birth if the first attempt fails.

The lottery is set to launch on July 30th. The lottery will be the latest form of online gambling allowed in the UK. Other European countries have started to loosen their laws regarding Internet gambling, but it is not yet known as to whether countries such as France, Spain, and Germany will allow these types of lottery gambling.